Common Problems Encountered When Delivering Food

Busy people don’t have time to cook their food so instead of cooking they just order food delivery. Are you one of the people who are fond of food deliveries but get disappointed because of some mistakes? Does it make you think twice to order again? Some people who had a bad experience with food delivery just endure their hunger until they get the chance to go out and dine or to cook their food. This doesn’t need to happen. There are things that you can do to avoid mistakes to your food delivery. Are you craving for a good Vietnamese food delivery? Then go ahead and call. Mistakes can happen but it’s avoidable or it can be minimal. Here are the common problems you can encounter when getting food delivered and some tips you can do to avoid them.

Getting The Wrong Order

There are times that the food that will be delivered to you is not what you have ordered. Or there is one item in your order that is wrong or missing. For some reason, the person who took your order didn’t understand you which may be why this happened. To avoid this kind of mistake, you need to give your order clearly. Be specific with your requirements for your order. As much as possible, ask the person taking your order to repeat your orders for you to be able to check if your orders are right. If you are having doubts if you are ordering the right food since you are not sure of the name, then ask if the dish you mentioned is what you think it is. Describe the dish for them to find out if it is the right dish. Speak clearly on the phone. Avoid making calls when you are in a noisy area. The noise will distract the person getting your order and you might not be able to hear each other clearly. You will end up saying yes to something that you didn’t understand.


The Food Delivery Is Taking So Long

Waiting is the hardest part when ordering food delivery, especially when you place your order when you are already very hungry. Sometimes because of the traffic conditions, the delivery may take long or if the delivery queue is too long. You can avoid this problem when you order from a Vietnamese restaurant near your place. Make sure that the restaurant you are going to choose have many branches so you will be able to get your delivery in a shorter time. You also can place your order ahead of time so you will be able to receive it by the time you are expecting it.

The Food You Ordered Arrived In Bad Shape

This is not your fault. It is the responsibility of the restaurant staff to pack your food nicely, in a way that it will not be damaged even though they are going to deliver it using a motorcycle. They should pack it in a way that the customer will receive them in good condition and still fresh. To get your order in good condition, you could remind the staff to do this and the best way is to find a reliable Vietnamese restaurant that will give you good service in delivering your food nicely. Better yet, you can order a bento meal pack in a bento box. The bento box allows the food to be secure during the delivery.

The Delivery Service Doesn’t Accept Credit Cards

There are not so many delivery services that accept credit cards. To avoid being forced to pay in cash you should ask if they accept credit cards before even placing your order so you will be prepared. There are Vietnamese restaurants that accept credit card payments for their food delivery.

Food delivery service is supposed to be comfortable for people who need the service. You are supposed to enjoy the Vietnamese food that you ordered. Avoid all these hassles when having Vietnamese food delivery by choosing a reputable Vietnamese restaurant. Make sure to follow the tips and place your order with a Vietnamese restaurant you can trust.