Comfortable Insoles for Sufferers of Diabetes

Having diabetes can be very dangerous, not only is there the risk of amputation, you can develop neuropathic ulcers, experience pain, numbness as well as pins and needles. Fortunately there are online development and manufacturing orthotic insole companies that sell comfortable insoles to help ease pain. These companies have worked with physiotherapists and podiatrists in order to develop high quality orthotics at affordable prices.

Don’t let diabetes, which mostly affects the feet, get you down. By wearing the right kinds of insoles in your shoes you can overcome:-

  • Infections
  • Vascular ulcers
  • Swollen feet

There’s a huge range of orthotic insoles for diabetes sufferers which can help with aching legs, knee pain, low back pain or shin splints.

Check out what’s available

With very comfortable insoles for almost any type of pain associated with diabetes, take some time out to see what would suit your particular needs. There are:-


  1. Full length orthotic insoles for heel pain, Achilles tendonitis, heel spurs and Plantar Fasciitis. These insoles can also relieve pain on the ball of the foot, commonly known as metatarsalgia.
  2. Sports orthotic insoles made from soft cushioning with a firm outer shell. Sports injuries like runner’s knee and Achilles Tendonitis can be prevented when wearing this type of insole.
  3. Three quarter length insoles created especially for flat feel, heel pain, heel spurs or fallen arches. They fit in most types of footwear like slip on shoes, flat and low heeled sandals.
  4. Insoles manufactured for children too. These can help heel pain or Sever’s Disease as it’s known as, growing pains, fallen arches and flat feet.

Young girls, teenagers and women tend to put fashion before comfort when buying shoes. As they get older, wearing tight fitting pointy toed shoes and high heels might not seem to have been such a good idea. Flexible, soft three quarter length orthotic insoles can be worn that reduces pressure on the ball of the foot. These insoles are soft and comfortable, so order a pair soon to take the stress out of any pain you may be experiencing.

Online frequently asked questions

To learn more about insoles specifically created for diabetes and insoles for painful feet, click on frequently asked questions sections to find answers to:-

  • Who can use orthotic insoles?
  • How long do these insoles last?
  • Does it take long to get used to wearing insoles?
  • When should I seek help for any foot problems I have?

Specialist insoles also offer support, biomechanical re-alignment as well as cushioning. Don’t suffer in silence, make sure to order a few pairs of fantastic, comfortable insoles that will certainly help, no matter what your problem is.

Get in touch for more info

If you have diabetes or any other illness and would like more information about insoles, get in touch with advisers who will be able to help you. Contact can be made by phone or by completing an online form.