Can simply eating junk food help in weight gain?

If you think weight gaining is easy compared to losing the same, it’s time to think again.  Weight gaining can prove to be a time-consuming and difficult task for individuals suffering from a medical condition or are low on energy.

Remember, your aim should not be gaining that unhealthy belly fat, instead, you should aim to gain an equal amount of subcutaneous fat and muscle mass to grow from all sides. Eating burgers, donuts and drinking soda can give you belly fat that is unhealthy. Thus, if you wish to gain weight, you need to set right approach.

If you head in the wrong direction, you may end up with obesity and open your door to lifestyle diseases, including heart diseases and type 2diabetes.

However, there is no need to worry, all that you need to do is make sure that you follow a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy food items. Here are some points that can help you keep your health fit and gain weight at the same time.

Combination of proteins and calorie is important

Growth in muscles will ensure that your body not just gets body fat, but grows in perfect manner while gaining weight. For this, you need to balance your intake. Eating protein rich food can fill up your stomach and reduce your hunger.

Opt for protein rich food items like nuts, dairy products, eggs, fish, and meat. You can also go for protein supplements if your health expert asks you to do so.

Specially made protein chocolate bars can also prove to be good for eating while on the go. But you need to read the ingredient details carefully while buying the same.


Opt for heavy weight lifting exercise under supervision

As mentioned earlier, your muscles should also grow and not just your body fat. Performing certain exercises like lifting heavy weights can make sure that calories that you intake manage to reach and benefit your muscles as well.

Every individual’s exercise requirement may prove to be different. But, on an average, health experts suggest people to visit a gym at least two to four times every week and perform weight lifting exercises.

People who are out of shape should opt for a personal trainer to make sure that they gain weight and their body comes back in perfect shape.

Individuals facing skeletal problems should opt for weights instead of cardio and that also after consulting with their doctor.

 Eat more calories than what your body needs

To put it in simple language, calories intake should be more than calorie consumption. Consuming excess calories is very important in order to gain weight. Consume around 800 calories more than your body requirements every day.  Simple calorie calculator can help you determine your body’s needs.

Counting calorie intake is not required to be done every day, but doing this during first few days after implementing weight gain plan can prove to be useful. There are some tried and tested techniques for skinny people looking for expert opinion on how to gain weight.