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Buying donor sperm – A guide for women who are eager to conceive

It may seem like a daunting task when it comes to buying donor sperm as there are many factors that you need to take into account while purchasing sperms. Finding the perfect donor is the most intimidating job and when you seek help of trustworthy sperm donation banks, their goal would be to simplify the process of finding the donor whom you prefer and to ease off the procedure of buying sperm. Read on the concerns of the article to find a guide for all those women who are eager to order donor sperm and use them to conceive.

Exploring the catalogue of donors – Making the right choice

Trustworthy and reputable sperm banks allow you to filter and peruse the donor list by specific categories which are vital for you. When you start going through the donor profiles of individuals, you can access details like short profiles, staff impressions, donor attributes and donor inventory levels. To learn more on favorite donors, you may even buy a 3-month donor information subscription. This allows you to check out additional info on every donor like donor baby pictures, extended profiles of donors and donor audio interviews. You can add donors to your ‘favorite’ list and create a free account.

Choose the vial type and the kind of donor

As you browse the profiles of the donor, you will check the 2 kinds of donors, the anonymous ones and the ID disclosure ones and the different kinds of vials like ICI and IUI-Ready which are available for purchase. Besides the ID Disclosure and Anonymous Donors that the sperm banks offer in their online catalogue, the clients are also Directed Donors which are the donors whom they know. Read the descriptions to know about the kind of donor you want.

ID Disclosure (ID): When you buy sperm from an ID Disclosure Donor, you get sperm from a donor who has agreed to disclose his identity to the children who were born from his sperm specimen as the children reach the age of 21.

donor sperm

Anonymous (AD): As the name suggests, this is that kind of sperm donor who hasn’t agreed on revealing his identity and when you seek help of a trustworthy sperm bank, they will never let you know his identity without his concern. You may read more about costs and prices before seeking help of a sperm bank.

Cross-check the inventory of the donors whom you prefer to choose

As you streamline your choice, it is highly recommended that you check the level of inventory. The inventory levels are usually broken down in 3 categories:

  • Low: Less than 10 vials
  • Medium: 10-25 vials
  • High: More than 25 vials

Therefore, when you’re a woman who is seeking help of sperm donors in order to get pregnant, you have to make an important decision in your life. The more you keep interrogating about the details of the donor, the better information you will get about him and your future child.