Bringing your attention to the new form of vaping via e-liquids!

If you have been wondering what is e-juice or e-liquid and why there is so much hype with its usage, you have come to the right place! In this brief piece of annotation we offer a comprehensive guide outlining the composition, flavors and side effects of this new form of vaping that is being highly adopted by young men and women especially in fast paced metropolitan cities.

Breaking down the composition of E-Liquid

E-juice composition is largely associated with two major substances called Propylene glycerol and vinyl glycerol abbreviated as PG and VG respectively. Right combination of both these liquids can bring about a huge difference to your vaping experience. Though the terms can be quite confusing but we offer some facts that can improve your knowledge better into understandi8ng the nature of these two liquids.

What is PG?

  • A petroleum byproduct, it is an odorless liquid that is low on viscosity but act as a wonderful base for e-liquid
  • Known to bring a “throat-hit”, it is used widely in vaping to bring the same effect of tobacco and nicotine experienced by real smokers

What is VG?

  • It is a naturally occurring chemical that has no odor and taste but is used to impart thickness and the right consistency in e-liquids.
  • While PG continuous to be dominant base in e-liquids, some e-juice brand are providing 100 percent VG based e-juice to impart dominant nicotine flavor.


Coming to the variety of flavors available in e-juice for users, there are many. From the basic tobacco and cigar flavor to as versatile as the banana and honey flavored e-juice are also available. Though the personal choice can vary significantly from person to person, there is an enormous variety available in the market today. The traditional tobacco flavor is the most conventional one offered in cheap e liquid that is the most popular choice of hard core smokers. In addition to premium and regular flavors all typical e-juice brand come up with the following flavors:

  • Tobacco
  • Vanilla
  • Strawberry
  • Banana caramel

What is the health concerns associated with e-juice?

Though various studies have been conducted to analyze the potential effects that can arise with use of e-liquid, still there is no evidence that can claim how harmful they can be to human health. But being a nicotine supplement it is definitely a milder alternative to regular smoking and can be used to indulge in some vaping fun.