Breastfeeding Bottle Can Give A Break To The Mothers

Everybody knows that breastfeeding is more preferable than bottle feeding. But while travelling breastfeeding is not possible. So, parents use bottles for their babies. Beside this there are many reasons to use this bottles. When the mother become ill, this bottles are perfect to feed their babies. When a mother go for outing i.e. shopping or doing job in an office, then father or other relatives can feed their babies by these bottles. The relationship between the babies and father or other relatives will be strong for this purpose. When a mother need a break, this bottles can help her to feed her baby. The best bottles for breastfed babies are Lansinon mOmmo Breast milk  Feeding Bottle which are available in the market.


This product is clinically best for babies. This product are available in two size, they are 5 ounces and 8 ounces. This product is available in the market in various colours. The weight of this item is 46 pounds. The shipping weight is also same to this weight. The dimension of this product is 55×30.5×34 inch. The item model no. is 0451023G. The company give only 1 year warranty from manufacturing date.

best bottles for breastfed babies

Features and Details:

This product has great customer reviews i.e. 4.2 out of 5 stars. The product is not suitable for international shipping such as Hawaii, Alaska countries. The features are enlisted below:

  • It has great design which attract the babies.
  • This product contains air ventilation system which help to reduce the gas intake.
  • It contains few parts which can easily assemble. People can easily clean the parts.
  • The container is fully free from BPA and BPS.
  • This bottle is soft and flexible.
  • This container is made of 100% silicon material. Optimal compression is allowed in the container.
  • From breast to bottle the container allows smooth transition.

This brand is known to us along 30 years.


There are several drawbacks to use this products. This product can allow the first flow from nipple. The new-born babies faces a problem. The nipple of the container may be long from their mouth. This product is inexpensive than other bottles.


Though we know that the breast milk is more nutritious than cows milk, but sometimes moms need a break. Then the bottles can help to feed the babies. A mother who has a risk of asteoporosis, ovarian and breast cancer, breast-feed may increase such risk. Clinically, people always sterilised the nipples of the bottle first. This product is really best for babies. It makes beautiful bond between the babies and relatives.