Brain Injuries and Concussions in Young Athletes

Brain Injuries and Concussions in Young Athletes

Recent studies have shown that brain injuries and concussions in young people are associated with a criminal history at a later age. If so, it is important to know about the head injuries and concussions of our youth when they play contact sports like football. A retired doctor recently proposed banning football in high school because of the potential danger to young people. According to him, in football the head is used as a ram. Obviously, this is contradictory; some say we should ban our children from driving a car, because it can also be potentially dangerous.

However, common sense says that the risk of brain injuries and concussion is significantly higher when playing football or other sports with high contacts.

Especially when you consider that in a season a soccer player can receive more than 900 hits. And it is estimated that one in four players has a concussion during the season, and many others are not informed because they do not want to be kicked out of the game.

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In addition to this, a recent study showed that head injuries in young people with a mature brain can cause a “power failure” and a deteriorated development of self-control, social judgment and impulsive control. Studies have also shown that the prevalence of traumatic brain injuries among prisoners reaches sixty percent, while a significant percentage may offend again. After further investigations, it was discovered that juvenile offenders who suffered brain injuries were significantly taller than the group that had no injuries.

Perhaps the time has come for parents, coaches and the school system to find a way to detect concussions and brain injuries and treat them at an early stage so that young people receive the correct neuro-rehabilitation.

Soccer is a sport of collisions, but there may be ways to increase the safety of young people. Hockey has also become more aggressive in recent years. Perhaps the time has come to think about the possible consequences for our young people involved in these sports, and concerns about the growing number of Concussion Management North York and possible brain injuries.

Perhaps you should consider introducing some of the following rules for children involved in sports:

“They no longer use their heads as battering rams while playing football.”

– You can refuse this football team. At the level of football in high school, exposure is often 20 times greater than gravity.

– Soccer is no longer necessary for youth.

“And it is no longer necessary to check the bodies of children who play hockey.”