Benefits of Magnesium

Magnesium is very important for our body. We need it literally for every metabolic function. Every cell in the body is using it on a regular basis, and it is a key part of the electrical gradient of every cell. Magnesium is for sure the best choice that will help you out to get more stable metabolism.

Understanding the benefits and how to support your levels of this element is very important for overall, high energy, high performance, and great mental function. To get more knowledge about it, visit We are going through some benefits that you should know.


Magnesium is really an adaptogen, meaning that it helps our body to adapt to the environment that we live in. If it is the daytime, and we need energy, it’s going to help us with the energy. If it’s evening time and we are preparing for sleep it’s going to help us sleep better.When you are under a lot of stress, it can help you adapt to that stress better. It also helps with relaxation.

The only major side effect of it’s use is diarrhea, so that can be a sign that you took too much of it. There are signs if you are magnesium deficient that you can look for. If you struggle with things like brain fog or ADHD, that means a poor cognitive processing. If you have headaches, or chronic migraines, that also means a lack of Mg. To learn more about your migraines visit our website. If we are struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep, the use of supplements for this element will definitely help us in that situation.

Magnesium is included in more than 200 functions that your body goes through. It helps your organism to balance out your blood sugar, that’s going to play a gigantic role in your inflammatory levels as well as your brain. To get a clue of some body functions where Mg is included, check this.

When it comes to heart contractility, we know that when people have heart arrhythmias, it is oftentimes associated with a poor calcium to magnesium ratio. The heart needs a lot of Mg, and if we don’t get enough then heart’s going to have problems like tachycardia or arrhythmia, so that can be a major issue.

To gain more of this element in your body through regular food, for the start you need to include spinach in your diet. We know spinach is very healthy food, with lutein, ithas a high level of vitamin A, as well as very high levels of Mg. Pumpkin seeds have high levels of it, too. One tip is to make trail mix including pumpkin seeds in it, getting some pumpkin seeds in your smoothie is a great choice or making it a part of snack or cereal. For more magnesium rich foods, click here.

Mg ratio

A person should normally have 1 by 1 ratio of calcium magnesium within the cell. You can get a great advice from one of the best doctors on this topic. Most people have around 5 to 1 or 15 to 1 ratio of these elements. That can cause some problems. It can lead to inflammation, poor cardiovascular function or a number of different issues. So, you definitely want to support your levels of it.

Magnesium relieves muscle ache. If you are a person, whether you do sports or not, and you are getting muscle aches or muscle cramping, that can be caused by the low percent of Mg in your body. To handle this problem you need to keep in mind that hydrating foods help a lot. To avoid dehydration and muscle aches make sure to have a constant level of it in your system.It also helps regulating the absorption of your body nutrition. If you want to absorb calcium properly, for health of your bones, you know what you need to use.

All in all, when we choose food rich with Mg, we will get some benefits like increase in energy, calming your nerves, improving sleep. It can help with constipation and bowel health,and it isbeneficial for muscle aches. Also, some people suffering from restless leg syndrome, can regulate this with the use of this supplement. It is regulating nutrients and it improves the absorption of nutrients like phosphorous and calcium in your diet. Mg is reducing or balancing blood pressure, supports your heart, can prevent a headaches and migraine, and improve bone health.