safe needle disposal

Are You Aware of Safe Need Disposal Options in your area?

Diverse ranges of people use syringes, needles and many other sharp objects and among them, diabetic patients are considerable in numbers. Besides that, there are large numbers of people among athletes and bodybuilders, who use steroids and other performance improvement drugs. These people also use syringes and needles.

All these used needles and syringes can be considered hazardous materials and should be disposed of in very safe. These items can be a carrier of HIV viruses, hepatitis, and tetanus. Hence, they should be dealt with proper precaution so that it may not put the health of others at risk.

All these used sharp objects need to be stored in a rigid walled container and sent to any place where safe needle disposal facilities are available. In most of the hospitals and healthcare centers, there are sharp disposal facilities available. However, those who use such sharp items at home need to make proper arrangements for their disposal.

What should you do if you ever encounter used needles or syringes?

Consider using a mail-back service which provides everything you need to contain and safely dispose of needles (EX. PureWay sharps mail back systems).

Alternatively, follow the following guidelines to remain safe from any hazards.

safe needle disposal

    • Avoid handling any used syringes
    • Do not try to bend or cover the sharp end or break it.
    • Try to obtain any rigid walled container, which is puncture resistant having a very wide mouth and a secured lid.
    • Instead of carrying the syringe try to bring the container to the syringe and carefully place the syringe into the container
    • Do not pick the syringe with bare Use some protective gloves or tongs to pick up the syringe carefully away from the sharp end.
    • While throwing syringe inside the container insert the sharp end first
    • Always cover the container with a secure lid
    • After throwing the syringe, you must wash your hands with soap and water

In case, you get injured due to a needle stick  then do the following:

  • Allow the blood to flow freely
  • Wash the area where blood has fallen with water and soap then rinse and dry
  • Cover the wound with band-aid or do proper dressing
  • As soon as possible you must contact a doctor, hospital or any community healthcare center.
  • For protection against hepatitis, you need to take the necessary vaccination.
  • You may also get yourself HIV or hepatitis tested.

What should you check if you are buying any sharp disposal system or products? To be proactive about used needles and syringes, you must have a proper container to store them properly. If the container is regularly emptied by cleaning people there is a little chance of any injury due to such sharp objects. Generally, injuries take place if the container is overfilled with used needles and syringes.

Benefits of disposal of sharp wastes

Following are the benefits of regular disposal of sharp wastages.

  • It ensures safety of the healthcare worker and also the patients and other visitors to health care center
  • With proper security, you can prevent unauthorized access to sharp container
  • Excellent reputation for the hospital/healthcare center
  • Environmental safety