Amazing Facts Revealed Concerning Hair Transplant

Hair loss has been a real-life problem for many centuries. Since your physical appearance or physical attractiveness is inextricably linked to your social life, hair loss or receding hairline is a cause for concern. It is the main reason why you are looking for drastic measures to solve this problem.

An overview of hair transplant

The roots of this appeal go back to somewhere in the 18th century. The treatment was first performed in the 19th century and was noted as an unsuccessful and pointless attempt to obtain the desired results. However, the first successes in the treatment of follicle transplantation were first achieved in the 30s of the last century. Since then, this surgical method has continuously improved and has become an effective solution adopted by many people.

Hair transplant types

There are three types of treatment.

  • Surgery to remove follicular units

In this type of surgery, a strip of hair on the back of the scalp heals or covers the affected area. It can include multiple sessions of follicle transplant or follicle transplant.

  • Extraction of follicular units

In this process, hairdressers take a strip of hair from the back of the head and the side of the bald spot. Then these follicles grow and look completely natural. In addition, the process does not require serious or deep cuts, and the recovery time is short. The process is best for those planning a hair transplant at Skyclinic.

  • Reduction of scalp

It is the rarest of the three rules. Here, the bald spot is surgically removed, and then the dense area of ​​the scalp is advanced to cover the bald spot. It is also the most expensive hair loss remedy of the three types.

Things to Consider Before Surgery

  • There is a great need to have a realistic approach. If you are completely bald or don’t have a lot of hair, don’t expect a transplant surgery to give you a full head of hair. The thicker or thicker your hair, the better results you can expect.
  • Generally, thick gray or blonde hair works better than fine blonde hair.
  • After the operation is completed, it can take up to nine months to heal and stimulate hair growth.
  • Consider the cost of the operation. Cosmetic surgeries generally do not require compensation from private health insurance companies. If the disease results in excessive injury or burns, follicle replacement surgery is reconstructive and may not be covered by health insurance.
  • Heavy smokers may be at risk of complications during surgery. Therefore, if you are considering this image restoration surgery, you must quit smoking completely.

Hair loss and treatment for women

When someone thinks of the word hair transplant, it is usually only associated with men. However, the fact is that baldness or receding hairline can also affect women. Lately, many women around the world have chosen to braid their hair.


Hair replacement surgeries are easier for women than men, and women in the donor area have more follicles. Thus, it is easier for doctors to carry out such graft treatment, and the result is usually better than that of men.