cellulite treatment


Cellulite presence is mostly on the buttocks, thighs, mid region etc. Cellulite is major concern among both males and females. But more among females due to their genetic make up. Due to pregnancy, weight gain, menopause women fluctuate with weight issues throughout their life hence they are more prone to cellulite than men. Get the best cellulite treatments here.

The particular kind of fat and connective tissue that is prevalent in women makes them more susceptible to cellulite. There aren’t exact theories suggesting the occurrences of cellulite and hence it may be directed to various factors such as


The various hormone secretions in our body and their sudden imbalance may cause cellulite in the body such as insulin, estrogens, hormones secreted by thyroid and prolactin.

Genetical factors

Certain individuals who have the cellulite issue running in their families have had it passing it in from one generation to another. The sex, race and slowing down of the metabolism as of the person also contributes to the formation of cellulite.

Diet factors

People eating fatty foods and having slower metabolism rates are more prone to cellulite formation on the skin.

Mesotherapy, is a process which involves injecting amino acids, minerals and vitamins into the skin to improve the appearance. This therapy is mostly used for inflammatory skin ailments. Though initially it may give a better appearance for the cellulite problem but side effects such as irregular contours of the skin, allergies plague the efficiency of the drug for using it to treat cellulite. Get the best cellulite treatments here.

cellulite treatment

Massages and spa treatments are just temporary remedies and are absolutely good for rejuvenation of mind as it would not help in cellulite reduction.

Laser treatment is not yet widespread but the claims and results show that there is a chance of getting rid of the cellulite formation. The laser burns the fat layers and smoothness the fibrous creases of the skin along with increasing the collagen production in the skin to give it a tauter and smooth appearance.

The use of LEDs in the treatment which involves using different wavelengths of light emitting diodes to help disrupt fat and shrink the tissues which will enable to soften the fibrous bands and the creased skin with the help of suctions and rollers along with the LEDs. This has not been done on a large scale and it has to be still seen how affective this procedure would be for the long term.

There are other drugs that are taken to help solve the cellulite problem such as,

  • Gingko biloba which is an ancient south East Asian medicine used for burning the fat.
  • Indian chestnut
  • Rutin
  • Amino acids
  • Pentoxyfylline
  • Alpha antagonists
  • Methylxanthines which are found in caffeinated and theobromine products.
  • Beta agonists and adrenaline which increases the metabolism in the body thus burning the fat.

The above medications are usually consumed orally or injecting or topical application on the area of cellulite, how much these work aren’t based on scientific research and yet to be in commercial production all over the world the the definite remedy for cellulite reduction.