Alkawave is keeping my family safe from water bacteria

The problem

After 7 years of marriage, I got a promotion my whole family with three kids was very happy. With happy news, there was also a bad news and it was that I had to go some other place. I was not ready to take this promotion but with promotion, my salary was raising up. I knew somewhere that it was the right time that I can give better schooling to my kids. I took the promotion and stepped out of the house. For 6 months everything was fine then one evening when I was talking with my wife I heard a coughing sound. I asked who was coughing and if anyone is sick there. She told me that my elder son was sick and the doctor told that nothing is serious. I was in much relief at that time and things went well for few more days. Again when I was having a conversation with my wife I heard there were even louder coughing sounds. This was getting on my nerves and I shouted at my wife. She told me that all three kids were getting sick and the reason is because of bacteria. I told my wife to boil the water and give it to them. She said that she tried but the kids did not like the taste of boiled water. How much she was insisting the kids they were drinking tap water.


The solution

Soon it came into my mind that bacteria that is going inside my kid’s body were coming from tap water. I was not going to cut the tap and I wanted another solution. There are many water ionizers present but I wanted to find only the best suitable for my family. There was water ionizer present in the office and the water tastes also good. I was not remembering the name of it and had to wait till morning when I reached the office. When I got in the office the first thing I was did was to read the name of the water machine that was in office. The name written on the ionizer was Alkawave and while I was reading the name my boss was standing next to me. I greeted him with a smile and he was also looking at the alkaline ionizer. He told me that previously there was a different ionizer present in the office and soon he changed it to Alkawave. It was much understandable that he trust it and I was not making a wrong choice. My boss told me that if I want it then I can place the order online. I knew I was not getting much time to visit my family so buying online was the right option for me.

Healthy Living

I placed the order and told my wife that a product of Alkawave water ionizers will be delivered. In just a few months I good the new that the kids were not coughing anymore and I was much happy to hear it. Now I am working freely without any worries that if my family is safe or not. When the family becomes healthy then automatically a father becomes happier than anyone else.