Advantages of IV Treatment

Being treated for any kind of illness or disease usually results in the need for prescription medication.  Most people are used to this approach and fully expect to get a prescription or to be fed medication orally when they are attempting to recover from an illness.

However, there are other options; specifically the idea of injecting the medication directly into a blood vessel.  The advantage of these specialty medicines is that they can target a specific spot and be administered far quicker than via conventional methods.

Any liquid which is injected directly into your blood stream can be considered to be a form of IV treatment.  Of course, this may lead to issues if you choose to describe a drug addict injecting their drug of choice into their veins.  Certainly this is an Intravenous injection, but it cannot be classed as IV treatment.

There are a range of advantages associated with IV treatment:


One of the biggest advantages of IV treatment is that the medication can enter your bloodstream exceptionally quickly.  This is far superior to taking drugs orally or even as suppositories.  However, there is also the advantage that the effects of the medication can be felt immediately.  This means that relief can be virtually instant and this can be a blessing if you are in pain or your infection is serious.


Injecting medication directly into the blood stream means that the amount of medication administered can be far greater than the amount via pills.  Alongside this it is very easy to control the amount of any medication being given to a patient.  It can also be beneficial to administer less of some medications but over a longer time period.  Providing the medication via IV treatment makes this possible.


Other than a small amount of pain when the needle enters your skin you will experience no pain from the administration of medication in this form.  IV Treatment will allow drugs that can irritate the lining of your blood vessels.  This can be avoided by inserting a line directly into the veins by the heart.  The speed of the blood flow in these larger vessels will move the medication through the body faster and prevent it from irritating the lining.


IV Treatment has been shown to aid the recovery and destruction of diseases.  By putting the medication directly into the blood stream the toxins are overcome by the sheer volume of medication.  This can speed your recovery time.


Applying medication orally makes it difficult to pinpoint the exact part of the body it will reach and how effective it will be.  IV treatment allows the medication to shoot round your entire body; getting to all the right places and providing the maximum amount of assistance in destroying disease and other bad cells.

In addition, this method of application allows the medical professional to administer specific medication to a designated area; eliminating blood clots in the process.

Although there are potential complications and even some disadvantages with IV treatment, the overall consensus is that these cases are rare and the benefit provided by IV treatment is worthwhile.