5 Reasons Behind Dark Spot Skin

Who doesn’t love to have a healthy and glowy skin but the question is that are we taking care of our skin the way we should? Many of us will answer in denial backing up their cause by the hectic schedule they have in their daily life. But the fact is that our skin doesn’t ask for too much of attention from us. All we need to do is to maintain a healthy diet, drink a lot of water and make sure to remove the makeup before going off to sleep. You will find many dos and don’ts to maintain the charm of your skin but you should also be aware of the reasons that might give you dark patches on the skin. So here are 5 reasons behind the dark spots your skin has, especially the females, which in other terms is also called skin pigmentation.


  1.   Your Bra – Let’s not shy away with the word! A perfect sized bra can make you look sexy and attractive but at the same time if it’s too tight, it can also cause discoloration of that part of your skin. This type of hyperpigmentation is called Bra Burn and looks like a real burn – all red and shiny. If your bra straps are digging into your skin and you feel difficulty in fastening the hook, then you should get a professional consultation to get the right size and fit. In the meanwhile, you can start the bra-burn treatment by using OTC topical creams or dark spot removal creams with hydroquinone in them.
  2.   Facial Hair Removal – Facial hair are a problem and we all can understand but exposing them to extreme chemicals or breaking hair at the core can lead to the inflammation of the skin, thus paving way for hyperpigmentation. Hydrocortisone creams can prove to be effective on the inflamed area of the face. Do not use it for more than 3 days. For some days, avoid use of any harsh thing on your face, which include exfoliator or hard toner.
  3.   Your Computer – With the changing technologies, our style of working too has changed a lot and now the desktops have been replaced by laptops and tablets. But many of us are unaware of the fact that the heat and radiation from the laptop can cause hyperpigmentation to your skin. This special type of pigmentation is called erythema ab igne and it occurs mostly on your thighs where you put your laptop.
  4.   Hormonal Changes – Sudden raise in the amount of progesterone and estrogen can also lead to dark spots on the skin. These are generally because of the birth-control pills or pregnancy that causes many changes inside the body. These changes in hormones can also stimulate the growth of melanin, which can cause the melasma based hyperpigmentation. Hormones based pigmentation generally disappears after the child’s birth. But if it doesn’t, there are many dark spot removal creams available in the market that can be applied to reduce the effect.
  5.   Certain Foods – You might get shocked after reading it out but this true that consumption of excessive amount of lemon and lime can also be one of the reasons behind the discoloration of the skin or in simple terms dark spots. There are botanical substances in citrusy fruits that can cause phototoxic reason when exposed to the UV radiations of the sun. This type of burn is called bartender’s burn.