5 Do at Home Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

One of the most problematic areas in our body is the belly or tummy area. How many times have you liked a dress or top but could not buy it as your tummy looked funny in it? Everyone wants a perfectly toned body but most people have a hard time getting the right tummy shape. This is mainly because it is very easy for cellulite to get stuck in the stomach area. Not only for looks but reducing tummy fat is an important criterion for good health as well. If you have a big beer belly, you are more likely to get diagnosed with diseases like heart blockage and high blood pressure.

You first need to understand that you cannot lose weight by just giving up on calorie rich food. The most important that contributes to weight loss in exercising. You can either opt for some weight loss tablets that will help in your weight loss process or do some specific exercised that target your tummy area. Here are some of the most useful exercises that should help you to lose belly fat really fast.


This is the most common yet useful exercise to lose a lot of calories and belly fat. There are many different types of crunches and squats that you can do. If you are looking to investment some time into a whole exercise set, you can cover over 15 minutes in crunches alone. The best part about these crunches is that you do not need any prop to do it. These free hand exercises can be done during any time of the day but it is recommended that you do them in the morning for best results.

Bicycle exercise

In this exercise, all you need to do is sleep on a solid surface and raise your feet in the air, in the position of an inverted cycler. Imagine peddling and start moving your feet. This will help to create pressure on your stomach.

Rolling Plank

Plank is a very good option to lose tummy fat. Rolling plank might be a bit difficult initially but it is a very efficient exercise.

Spot jogging

Just choose a spot and start jogging. You do not need to move around at all and you can do this anywhere you get some leg space.

Bending side to side

This will help you to deal with your love handles. Stretch your arms out and try to touch the floor on each bend.

Any exercise that you do specifically for the tummy fat should be done on an empty stomach. Make sure you do not do any of them, before 2 hours of having a meal. In case of light snacks, it is recommended that you give at least an half an hour gap. These exercises should help you to lose weight and get the flat stomach that you want. You will not have to say no to any dress you like, once these exercises become a part of your daily routine.