Top Quality Personal Trainer

5 Characteristics of a Top Quality Personal Trainer

Personal training is a satisfying career, they get to work with individuals who are trying to improve their health and many other aspects of their body. But, not all trainers are as enthusiastic about helping you reach your goals as others, some only work in the industry to make money, while others strive to assist clients.

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Look for these 5 characteristics when hiring a personal trainer.

  • They’re Fully Focused

Personal trainers are enthusiastic about exercise, and most are interested in different sports, some play football, others rugby, and some partake in martial arts. Several personal trainers compete in weight lifting competitions and body building, so they are inclined to push their clients into a training area which they are more familiar with, this causes problems. You can’t expect someone who wants to lose weight for their wedding to be doing heavy, strength training exercises designed to improve your max lift. The routine must meet your needs, it has to be specifically created for you and not something your trainer enjoys doing.

  • They Practice What They Preach

If you hire a personal trainer who is out of breath after demonstrating a few reps, how do they expect you to be motivated for their routine which involves pushing through a high intensity interval session. If the trainer doesn’t take their job seriously, then you should look for someone who does. You can’t have an obese personal trainer telling you to eat healthy, avoid fatty foods, and exercise on a regular basis if they clearly don’t follow their own advice.

  • They’re Realistic

When you first approach a personal trainer whether it is in Absolute Body Solutions, or any other gym in Liverpool, you must discuss your goals and objectives. If they recommend exercises and targets which are completely unrealistic, it may be time to source another option. High-quality personal trainers know how to set smart, measurable, realistic targets, they know how to design programmes which will get the best results.

  • They Speak in Layman’s Terms

It can be very frustrating having to listen to a personal trainer constantly talking about resting metabolic rates or hyperextending your latissimus dorsi, these are terms which you don’t need to learn or use. So, find an individual who knows how to explain what you are doing, without having to resort to complex exercise terminology.

  • They Listen & Educate

Hiring a personal trainer should be a 2-way system, you don’t want to go to the gym everyday and listen to them constantly talking without listening to a word you have to say. If you’ve a problem or an injury, they must consider this and adapt your programme accordingly. They should also explain exactly why you are doing specific exercises, and how they’ll benefit you.

All of the best personal trainers in the exercise industry share similar traits and characteristics, they are hard-working, focused, motivated, energetic, and have exceptional interpersonal skills. When hiring a personal trainer, you should look for these qualities to ensure you don’t waste your time and hard-earned cash on a substandard instructor.