4 Ways To Cure Herpes Outbreaks Fast Naturally

Herpes simplex virus (HSV) is a sexually transmitted viral infection that manifests itself in the form of a cluster of small, painful or itchy blisters around the genitals or buttocks, fever, headache and painful urination. Most people who have the virus may not be aware or show any symptoms. The symptoms may be triggered by menstruation, stress, and exposure of the genital area to the sun, fever or an illness. Hsv2 is considered a very embarrassing condition. HSV has no cure; once you have it, it may recur several times in future.Since there is no cure for HSV2, the only option is to prevent or reduce the occurrence of outbreaks. This will require medication, lifestyle alteration and adoption of coping mechanisms to deal with emotional and social aspects. There are several anti-viral medicines in the market that may help to stop herpes fast. But, there are two effective treatment approaches; taking medication before you have an outbreak so as to stop further progression to a full-blown outbreak and taking the medicine daily to prevent onset of an outbreak. The common medication that is subscribed is valtrex, famvir and zovirax.


Use of baking soda is also effective in getting rid of the outbreaks fast. It provides almost instant relief for the itchiness and painfulness of the sores. Simply take a cotton ball and coat it in some baking soda. Apply directly to the affected are. It will help in oozing out and drying up of the blisters.

There are other home remedies that have proven effective in treatment of herpes blisters. This includes use of propolis; a resin made from beeswax. This should be directly applied to the lesions. Propolis contains antioxidants and flavinoids that boost immunity and help fight infections. Propolis ointment is very effective in fast healing of herpes sores.

Lysine for Herpes
Lysine is used to treat and even prevent further outbreak. It facilitates faster ability of the body to absorb calcium and generate collagen. Lysine helps stop herpes fast by blocking the formation of arginine, which facilitates multiplication of herpes. Your diet should also contain foods rich in this enzyme. This includes fish, chicken, eggs and potatoes.

Epsom salts to treat Herpes
Bathing with Epsom salts is also an effective way of stopping an outbreak fast. It soothes the pain and itching of the sores. Take a bath in warm water that has Epsom salts in it. This will help to dry the sores.

Aloe Vera
You can apply aloe Vera gel or cream on the lesions. Aloe Vera is effective in eliminating the symptoms of herpes especially in men. It will reduce outbreaks fast due to its anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. Simply apply the gel from a fresh leaf of aloe Vera onto the affected area and leave to dry.Always ensure the affected area is dry and wear clean cotton underwear that is not tight. This allows air circulation that will be helpful in stopping an outbreak before it progresses any further.