4 Fun Facts About Laser Surgery You Should Know

Lasik surgery is a surgical technique used to eliminate visual pathologies such as myopia, astigmatism, hypermetropia, or presbyopia. This surgery consists of a procedure that uses laser light to remove the tissues and although there are several types of lasers, each one has its specific use. Although, more and more people decide to bet on eye surgery with laser technique at kraff eye, to correct their vision defects and leave behind the discomfort of wearing glasses and depending on them.

However, despite being a recognized method, there are doubts and taboos around it. However, at Kraff Eye is one of the largest eye surgery centers in the world and the most advanced, where they use cutting-edge technology and innovative techniques that make Lasik surgery a safe and effective procedure.

For these reasons we tell you some curious facts that you may not have known about this surgery.

  1. It is necessary to wear sunglasses for 60 days after surgery

Either a myopia surgery or to treat another refractive defect with laser technique, sunglasses are needed, to avoid the penetration of foreign bodies in the eyes or prevent involuntary rubbing by the patient after the operation.

  1. There is no maximum age to undergo Lasik surgery

As it is a simple procedure that does not require a great postoperative period, there is no maximum age to undergo it. However, most of the patients who resort to this type of technique are under 50 years of age, for example, cataract surgery.

  1. Be careful with exercise after the operation

This because it is convenient to maintain a relative rest after the intervention. For this reason, the ideal is to limit the physical efforts that are carried out regularly, whether it is eyelid surgery or another type, it is necessary to follow the care indicated by your kraff eye doctor.

  1. There are no risks if you wear contact lenses daily

The only important thing is to be between five or seven days before without using them, however, the ideal is to have the recommendation of your doctor. In Kraff Eye, the specialists in ophthalmology and refractive defects understand the importance of being up-to-date and up-to-date with studies and advances, therefore, with them, you will find quality care and surgical techniques such as cross-linking surgery.

Final Words

Kraff Eye are experts in Lasik surgery, so they talk to you about it. Book your appointment and learn about their services such as surgery for astigmatism and others.