3 Questions to Ask to Know if a New E-Liquid Flavor is Right for You

You know those beautiful one-horned horse-like creatures with farts that paint rainbows in the sky. Unicorns exist to make us happier. They make friends with us. They take care of us. They bring us pleasure. But – to our chagrin – unicorns exist only in our imaginations. They aren’t real. Unless you vape.

Pink Vape brings to you Cuttwood Unicorn Milk. Straight from the unicorn itself, this milk is reminiscent of strawberries and cream, something akin to strawberry Nesquik you had as a kid — no wonder they poop cupcakes. So dare I say: Yes! Bring on the pleasure. Bring on the feeling of being carefree again. Bring on the excitement of something new and fresh that makes you feel… you know it: happy.

But there is one caveat, and that’s whether or not you are ready for change. You are probably used to the same ‘ole same ‘ole e-liquid, so breaking free from that tradition – something familiar and expected – could require a little nudge from a unicorn itself. Here are 3 questions to help determine if you are ready to sparkle and glitter like the magic of a unicorn.

1. Personality. What’s your personality type?

Unicorn milk isn’t for everyone, but it is for most. If you are the romantic kind, the smart kind, the laid-back kind, the witty kind, or even the nerdy kind, unicorn milk is your kind. It brings out the nostalgia in the romantic, the adventurous side of the comfy type, the kindness in the witty, and the fun in the nerdy types.

2. Purpose. What’s your purpose to try a new e-liquid for your vaping pleasure?

Change is difficult, even for those who love change: it still requires some sort of effort. You need to know you are ready for it. There’s always a bit of fear when trying something new, so know your reason for it.

Is your purpose to try a new e-liquid based on boredom? Adventure? Curiosity? Endless search to find the “right” one? Constant need for change? Cuttwood unicorn milk is an e-liquid that invokes play, love, magic. So, if you are bored, then you can find an adventure in unicorn milk. It could turn into that e-liquid you turn to when you need change just for the day, something to perk you up. If you turn to unicorn milk because of your adventurous or curious side, then you have found an e-liquid to take you to the clouds and back, and you’ll be a little more learned because of it. If you are trying it because you are still seeking that perfect e-liquid, then you have found home in unicorn milk. Whatever your purpose, knowing it allows you to try something without fear.

3. Experience. Are you looking for a new e-liquid purely for the joy in vaping?

Unicorn milk is about enjoying the vape life. It’s about playing and having fun and being who you are: and that’s inspiration straight from the unicorn. There are different experiences that come with e-liquids, depending on its vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol (VG/PG) ratio.

  • Throat hitter. Are you the kind of person that likes a sharp throat hit, that kick in the back of your throat. PG is a better provider of this effect than VG.
  • Secret vaper. If you want your experience to go undetected by others, a high PG content is necessary to produce less vapor upon exhale.
  • Smooth operator. Are you looking for that smooth, milky feel in the mouth? High VG e-liquid works best for this sensation.
  • Cloud chaser. Are you looking for unicorns in the clouds? Do you like that dense cloud of vapor swelling up around you like some mystical fog? VG is the best producer of this characteristic.

If you are a smooth sensation kind of person or someone who chases clouds looking for rainbows, then Cuttwood unicorn milk is for you. It’s VG/PG ratio is 70/30, just the right mix.

Get Your New E-Liquid Flavor Today

Finding the right e-liquid for your vaping experience can be fun if you approach it that way. Trying a new flavor can keep things interesting. No harm’s done in doing so. With unicorn milk, you get to try something new, something fun, something magical. Cuttwood unicorn milk comes in three sizes, including Cuttwood unicorn milk 60mL, and you can choose the amount of nicotine, too. So hop on a rainbow and enjoy a new vaping experience today.