10 Great Benefits of Peppermint Essential Oil

The peppermint plant is quite a versatile perennial herb that has been around for a very long time dating back to the 1000BC when dried peppermint leaves were found within the ancient Egyptian pyramids. Over time this plant has been branded as a multi-purpose plant and its oil’s components are found in cosmetic, culinary and health industries around the world. Peppermint oil is well known for its ability assist in alleviating the occasional upset stomach and increase the functionality of your respiratory system.

Some of the benefits of peppermint essential oil are:

  1. Peppermint oil can be used to freshen your breath. Mixing a drop of Peppermint oil with a drop of Lemon essential oil in some water, take a sip and then swirl it around in your mouth for a healthy refreshed mouth.
  2. It also isa fantastic addition to the kitchen as it can add some freshness to meals. It is not limited to prepared dishes only; peppermint oil can be added to any drink or smoothie. Adding two drops of peppermint twist to your smoothie will add a welcomed refreshing twist whilst still being very healthy and encouraging a healthy respiratory function.
  3. Peppermint oil can wake up your senses and promote an energetic feeling. Having the right combination of essential oils to peppermint oil you can get a variety of benefits like adding wild orange oil can offer a mid-day-pick-me-up. Adding Frankincense promotes relaxation and energized.
  4. Using peppermint oil to make your own Whipped Peppermint Foot Lotion which will leave your feet smelling fresh and remove any dead skin. Making your own Candy Cane Sugar Scrub which helps exfoliate and moisturize the hands, feet and body and can also be the perfect gift.
  5. If you love the sun, using peppermint oil as a soothing spray that will help you maintain healthy looking skin even after being in the sun. The combination of these three essential oils in this spray can also be used to soothe any skin irritation. Another way in which peppermint oil can benefit your skin’s appearance is to combine it with Tea tree oil and Lavender essential oil.
  6. It can also be used to give your home a fresh smelling aroma, or your office, classroom or wherever else you would want to invigorate the air around you.
  7. Peppermint oil can be a terrific addition to a treat and or a dish. It can add a certain pop of flavour to your dish and it can also be refreshing.
  8. Peppermint oil has numerous soothing qualities that make it perfect for massages leaving your skin feeling relaxed and your scalp if used in a shampoo.
  9. Peppermint essential oil can also be beneficial during the summer season as it can be a perfect natural way to repel bugs; and
  10. For those who always fall asleep and can barely stay awake, peppermint oil has an invigorating and a cooling effect when it meets skin. Rubbing peppermint on your temple can leave you alert when you really need to.