How a Seattle Accident Lawyer Can Help You

If you have been involved in a car accident or if you have suffered injury or damages as a result of an accident, you might be wondering how a car accident lawyer can help you. Here are top 6 ways that a Seattle Accident Lawyer can come in handy.

1.     Communicate with the other driver’s insurer

It is important to establish a good line of communication between you and the other person’s insurer. Your lawyer can do this for you. Since it is the other person’s insurer who holds the pocketbook, you should be able to communicate well with them.

In addition, the lawyer will deal with the insurance company. This can be an intimidating process for anyone, if you have never done it before. Usually, the insurer will try to pay you as little as possible fast. But a lawyer can expertly negotiate with the insurer to ensure a favorable outcome for you.

2.     Collect the required evidence

The evidence that you have will establish how strong your case is. Your lawyer will establish this. They will look at all the evidence that was collected by the police. They will also visit the scene of the accident, so as to analyze how the accident happened. In addition, they will talk to the investigating officers, as well as the witnesses at the scene of the accident. This is to collect evidence of liability.

3.     Negotiate the settlement

This is a challenging affair that is best left to a professional. A car accident lawyer knows the worth of the case and how to best negotiate, so that you get what you deserve. They will work hard to ensure that you get as much compensation as you possibly could get.

4.     If you have a big case

You can handle a small case on your own, if you want. However, when it comes to a big case, you are much better off letting a lawyer handle it for you, so as to ensure that your best interests are represented. A big case is one where your medical bills as a result of the accident go over the $ 1,000 mark or if you have been out of work for more than one year, as a result of the injuries suffered in the accident.

5.     File a suit for you

The lawyer can file a suit on your behalf. They will also help you to prepare well for trial and mitigate any defenses raised by the other team. The lawyer will also advise you on any time limits (usually 2 years) that can bar you from filing a suit against the offending driver and other exceptions that might exist (for instance, in the case of minors).

6.     Do all the legwork

There is a lot of legwork involved in the whole of this process that you might not want to undertake, even if you are in a position to. The lawyer will handle all this for you. This includes getting all the paperwork together. This includes getting witness statements, police records, medical records and bills and any lost wages claims. They will also send a demand letter to the insurance company.